aka General Manager

Alysa Plummer & Preston (her son)

Alysa comes to KKVV with a terrific testimony of God's Hand in her life.

With a background as an educator, Alysa also loves to help others and minister to the homeless and assistant brothers and sisters in need.

Alysya and Preston002.jpg

Board Operator - Audio Editor

Warren Durso 

When Warren was younger he had some time in radio, and went by Warren Peace. As you can tell, he has a sense of humor! Warren comes from a history of being involved in comic entertainment, and is quite amiable with others, and he loves dogs! His little doggie Lucky is proof!

Warren is also a co-owner of a video production company and knows script writing, creative writing to be sure, and his understanding of others needs really makes him shine!

To be sure, Warren is quite an asset to our staff, and since he loves the LORD this is a great fit for the Gospel Airship and we're glad to have him as an Aircrew Member!

Warren Durso Headshot-Edited2.jpeg

Corporate Boardmember - Accountant


Patti supports KKVV in her time as a board member and accountant. "Leave no bean uncounted" I think is here motto. But that is a good thing! :-)


Patti surely knows about value and the waste in the fiduciary realm. She also knows the value of the Gospel being broadcast via the Gospel Airship here in Las Vegas and is one of our biggest cheer leaders!

Patti Wickwire 2018.jpg
Carl Auel Broadshoulders-01.JPG

Board President - Gospel Airship Admiral


With the broad shoulders to start radio stations from nothing, along with his desire to broadcast the Gospel, Carl could also be called the Gospel Airship Admiral!


From on the air to building radio stations, Carl has done everything radio, and he knows more about Christian radio than anyone I've ever met. We are happy to have a brother in the Lord helping keep the Gospel Airship flying, and he clears the way for us 24/7 for sure! Thanks Carl!