General Manager

Alysa Plummer is a woman after God’s own heart! She has a passion to bring the Good News of the soon coming King Jesus Christ to the hearts of the lost. She comes to KKVV with a beautiful testimony of overcoming her trials and tribulations in hopes of helping those who are in need of overcoming their own trials and tribulations. She works hard to help others bring out their testimony and not to be afraid to share it! She has an extensive background in customer service and  Managerial Leadership and is a  great asset to the company!

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DJ Dylan is the type of person who can only do one thing, but does it better than everyone else. DJ Dylan lives and breathes music. Get in touch in order to learn a thing or two about the industry.

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Radio Host

It takes talent to know talent, and DJ Salt understands that better than anyone. Want to find out more about this individual? Learn more about their great work as a Radio Host.

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