6:00 AM     Faith Net World Wide with Chaplain Lewis Dix


 7:00 AM     VARIOUS

 7:30 AM     Sunshine Gospel Hour with Sister Viola Earl

 8:00 AM     Time Of Jubilee with Pastor Joseph Doto


 8:30 AM     VARIOUS

 9:02 AM     VARIOUS

 9:30 AM     VARIOUS

10:00 AM    VARIOUS

10:30 AM     VARIOUS

11:00 AM     Light My Path 313 with Dr. BJ Boles of Mtn View SDA Church

11:30 AM     The Friends of Israel Today with Chris Katulka

12:02 PM    VARIOUS

12:31 PM     National Issues Today with Bob Gourley

 1:00 PM     Unshackled  from the Pacific Garden Mission

 1:32 PM      VARIOUS

 2:00 PM     VARIOUS

 3:02 PM      VARIOUS

 4:00 PM     Issues Today with Bob Gourley

 4:30 PM     Vegas Revival with Pastor Randy Sparks

 5:00 PM     Spirit of Truth with Steven Esh

 5:32 PM      VARIOUS

======== NIGHT TIME =================

 6:00 PM     VARIOUS

 7:00 PM     VARIOUS

 8:00 PM     Steel on Steel with John Loeffler

 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM     VARIOUS

 2:00 AM     Faithnet World Wide with Chaplain Lew Dix

 3:00 AM     VARIOUS

 4:00 AM     VARIOUS

 5:00 AM     VARIOUS

 5:30 AM     VARIOUS

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