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Friday, July 8, 2011

KKVV is the only full-service commercial Christian Radio Station in Southern Nevada that can be used for advertising targeted to reach the Christian Community.

The Finest National Christian Preaching and Teaching programs

  • 50+ Local and National Church programs

  • Local Praise and Worship Programs

  • Live Talk Radio Programs with call ins

  • National News and Local Interest PSAs

  • Community Calendar


  • Adult Listeners: Target audience 25-54, Average age mid 30's

  • Family Household: 7% larger than the national average

  • Education: 25% more likely to be Professional

  • Income: 18% to be $65k or above per household

We also service Spanish, Tagalog and Polish language programming.

KKVV Area Zip Codes:

Click to review the KKVV Listening area zip codes.

For more information, please call Alysa Plummer at 702-731-5588.
All information taken from Media Audit Fall 2010

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