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Strong in His Grace

You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

~2 Timothy 2:1 NKJV

Apart from Jesus Christ, we can do nothing: but in Him, we can do all things to bring glory to Him. Why? Because in Jesus Christ, God showered us with the infinite, limitless riches of His grace—undeserved, unearned, and unmerited favor—and kindness (Eph 2:7)!

His marvelous grace imparts various gifts and ministries to us with each of us in mind (Ro 12:6). So, be a faithful steward of His manifold grace and give Him the glory by using your grace-gift to serve one another passionately by and through His grace (1 Pe 4:10-11).

For His grace strengthens you, first, because He is El Shaddai. Because He is the All-Sufficient One, His grace is enough for you. His strength comes into its own in your weaknesses. So, allow your limitations to become a portal for God’s power (2 Co 12:9-10).

Second, His grace strengthens you to fully minister the message of the cross of Christ (2 Ti 4:17), Who is full of grace and truth. For out of His fullness, we have all received one grace after another, spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, favor upon favor, and grace-gifts heaped upon gifts (Jn 1:14, 16-17).

Third, His grace strengthens you as you boldly and fearlessly minister about the Lord. As you minister His message of grace, He will back it up with miracles, signs, and wonders through you (Acts 14:3) because you believe (Mk 16:17).

Therefore, when you speak, speak as though God were speaking His words through you. For if El Shaddai called you to it, He will grace through it. You just have to be empowered through your union with Him. So, don’t negate or neglect it. Instead, rest in it by embracing the power and equipment to get the job done (Jn 9:4/1 Co 15:10), declaring Philippians 4:13 in the Amplified Classic:

I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency].

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